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"Spaces with Identity"

Our design process has begun by our interior architect Simge Atakkaan in 2012 at our Etiler Office with a motto with Spaces with Identity. We are focused on functional innovative and unique design projects without sacrificing anything in style.

We are a multidisciplinary design office focusing on  services in interior and virtual design, architecture, and its related control procedures.Our office has been undertaking various projects including but not limited to cafés, restaurants, residential, malls, hotels and bars both domestically and internationally.

the services in interior design, architecture, real estate and related control procedures.

Our office is playing an active role in various projects, such as café, restaurants, hotel and bars domestically as well as internationally.

Our Services


Bringing the proper design to life without loss of its functionality and aesthetic concern towards the requirements of any desired space by using the project’s main functions as a base.


Overseeing the real life implementations of a project, whose design and application are completed, from the starting day to the end, and following up routinely the studies and practices of the project with a multidisciplinary method.


Designing every aspect of the brand, goods and services with a holistic approach. Increasing the brand awareness through building a visual style and image on the showcase.


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